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Beacon Nutrition

Your well being affects your quality of life. If your body is healthy you’ll also feel good. Proper nutrition can help you to be healthier. We, at Beacon Nutrition, are here to help, guide, and inspire you, throughout your nutrition journey. 

We are here to provide evidence-based and reliable nutrition information that are created to answer your burning nutrition questions and to equip you with basic nutrition knowledge that is needed for your well being. We will also be writing our personal experiences about nutrition, we think that will help you. Beacon Nutrition will help you make lifestyle changes, behavioral changes and we will inspire you to do so.

Beacon Nutrition was started by Dilini Tharaka, who is a 4th-year Applied Nutrition specializing student at the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka. She always wanted to share her knowledge that she gained through her specialization at the University. Her colleagues also joined her with this cause.

At Beacon Nutrition we use trusted sources to write our content. We only use peer-reviewed studies, academic research institutions, and medical associations as the sources of our content. 

We hope you will go through all of our resources at Beacon Nutrition.

Thank you for being here! and there is nothing more important than your own health.

Dilini Tharaka

Dilini Tharaka

BSc. (sp.) in Food Science and Nutrition, Specializing in Applied Nutrition
(Founder, Editor, and an Author)