Coffee and weight loss

Coffee, the ultimate beverage we all love.

Coffee, the ultimate beverage we all love. Who wouldn’t enjoy a cup of coffee on a rainy day or in the morning of a typical work day? Nobody, I guess. Starting from a common black coffee we have at home, there are number of coffee drinks you can taste in a coffee café. Namely, there are Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Americano, Mocha coffee, and the list goes on. Also I think it is important to mention the Instant coffees that are much popular nowadays. The ability of coffee to boost our energy is a well-known fact. Caffeine in coffee does the work by alarming our brain not to rest. So, coffee or any caffeinated drink would be your buddy to spend a sleepless night if you are getting ready for a test at the last minute (which we all do apparently ;))

Have you ever thought about a relationship between consuming coffee and weight loss? Scientist have tried to check upon that, but the results have been both positive and negative. According to some theories caffeine might help to lose weight by suppressing our hunger for a short time and stimulating thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is the process of generating heat and energy from digesting food; so it will increase the calorie consumption in our body. According to a study done by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, drinking 4 cups of coffee daily, could reduce body fat percentage by 4% within 6 months. Obviously the drinkers did not add any sugar or cream into the drink during this study. Some studies done with mice, have reported an effect of green coffee bean extracts consumption to reduce visceral fat. Green coffee beans are the processed coffee beans but not roasted. Human studies also have shown some positive effects on weight loss with green coffee bean extracts. But unfortunately green coffee bean extracts are not the drink we used to drink.

In conclusion, drinking coffee would not do much in your weight loss journey, but it is not harmful to add a cup of coffee to your daily diet or even up to four cups (clearly, I am talking about coffee without any decorative sugary or fatty things). When it says a coffee CUP, the definition of the size of a cup varies massively. But roughly it would be something like 230 ml brewed coffee and one cup may have 94.8mg of caffeine per cup. Up to 400mg of caffeine can be consumed by a healthy adult in a day. Consumption of coffee in moderation won’t harm you. Besides the weight loss effect, coffee have reported many beneficial health effects even as a good fighter against cancers.

 Author: Gimhani Gamlath,

               Department of Food Science and Technology,

               Wayamba University of Sri Lanka.


Four cups of coffee a day associated with modest loss of body fat


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