Relaxed mind to lose weight

If an exam is coming up, or if we have a lot of work to do in a short amount of time, isn’t it a little disturbing? This is what we call stress in the mind. the short term stress is useful to us. But long term stress is harmful in most situations. One of the bad outcomes of long term stress is weight gain.

“Most of the time when we have stress, our mind goes to sugary or fatty foods. These foods are called comfort food”

In short term stress, the adrenaline hormone releases to our bloodstream. This hormone can reduce our appetite. But long term stress releases the cortisol hormone which increases our appetite. When we are in stressful situations for a long time the cortisol hormone will be at high levels always. This meases that we will tend to eat food most of the time.

Most of the time when stress occurs, our mind goes to sugary or fatty foods. This food is called comfort food. These foods are called comfort foods because the stress in our mind will go away as we eat these foods. So it is not surprising that a person with chronic stress will gain weight if they regularly consume these sugary and oily foods. At the same time, many people with stress are less likely to engage in strenuous physical activity and do not get proper sleep. In some cases, you may be addicted to alcohol. So when all these factors are added together, your body weight will increase without you even realizing it.

Reducing or eliminating stress is something we have to do on our own, but we can get help from anyone we like. Most of the time, the stress that comes to us is stressful, and if we can think at those times that this is something that everyone gets at some point in life, and that anxiety is not always something that exists, we can avoid being unnecessarily disturbed.

One way to get rid of stress is to let go of your worries by telling them to someone you are close to.

Being away from people and situations that makes you uncomfortable can also improve your mood. As an example, if you feel stressed when you go on a high traffic road use a less traffic road although it is a bit far away. Meditation can also relieve stress. You can use any of these methods to stay relaxed with a relaxed mind and a body.


Author: Gimhani Gamlath,

Department of Food Science and Technology

Wayamba University.

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